Monday, February 25, 2008

Flash Blogger

CoffeeCup Flash Blogger Screenshot

Flash Blogger
No need to learn difficult html tags. Flash Blogger has an easy-to-use interface in which you can manipulate the text anyway you want and insert images and hyperlinks. The interface is intuitive and user friendly and isn't cluttered with useless buttons or fancy tricks, just everything you need.

Some Features of Flash Blogger

Create a snazzy Blog with only a few clicks.

CoffeeCup Flash Blogger ScreenshotDouble click editing of old entries.

Create your own online journal in just minutes

Built in Calendar

Add Links and Images to your Blog entry with the click of a button.

Add Images to your Blog. An image says a thousand words.

Less to type!

Create Links to Other Sites

Live Preview

CoffeeCup Flash Blogger ScreenshotProgram Runs in System Tray for Quick Access

Create Multiple Blogs

Flash Blogger adalah salah penyedia untuk melakukan design blogger,dimana kita bisa mendesign kalender,majalah online,gambar teks dan lainnya...

tertarik dengan software ini silahkan kamu download di sini

semoga sukses!!

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iklan said...

trus klo udah jadi di upload lagi ya mas,..?

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