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One Admin Suite - Use the complete applications for your web

One Admin Pro - The Modules Builder, is simply the easiest platform tobuild more PHP modules to run on your database driven websites. Perfectfor web designers which require additional dynamic modules for theirweb projects.

List of the modules:

eCommerce 4.1

Description: Run online store, shopping carts, transactions with thisvalue packed solution. • Create catalog pages with multi-levelcategories • Auto generate product thumbnails • Support offlinetransactions • Tax and shipping • Update pricing • Inventory control •Sign up for membership • Access special product price groups • Keeptrack of past transaction history • Rate, review products • And otherfeatures.

Form Design 4.1

Description: Create professional and complex forms that suit yourbusiness requirements. • Create different forms with unlimited pages •Customize the fields in your form pages • Send extra form copies tomultiple email groups • Export data to CSV format file • Submit forms •Preview, print form pages • And other features.

Newsletter 4.1

Description: Keep your current customers or potential customersup-to-date on any information, topics, or products. • Create newsletterusing HTML editor • Create preset templates • Support Plain Text Email• Manage newsletter categories and subscribers • Schedule delivery date• Send newsletter in bulk • Check bounce emails • Subscribe tonewsletter • Browse newsletter by categories and archives • And otherfeatures.

Photo Gallery 4.1

Description: Using an easy-to-use application to set up a new album injust a few minutes. • Upload multiple photos in bulk • Add, edit andupdate photos and descriptions • Enable ratings • Visitor comments •View slide shows • Auto thumbnail creation • Randomly display photos •Number of views • Submit photos • Download any photos you want •Members login • Search photos by keywords or categories • And otherfeatures.

Events Calendar 4.1
Description: Suitable for people from all walks of life who would likes to schedule their appointments, important occasions, and more. •Customisable event's title, description, dates, time, etc • Createevents using HTML editor • Include short notes or summaries • Setreminder • Enable recurring events • Support local time zone • Multipledate and time formats • Search events by title or venue • And otherfeatures.

Links Directory 4.1
Description: Manages reciprocal links, one-way links, and helpsincrease relevant website traffic through linking with otherlike-minded quality sites. • Create and manage links in an archive •Search engine friendly URL • View statistic of total clicks in, clicksout, broken links • Check broken links and reciprocal links • Uploadimages • Insert link's details • Quick shortcut to view new, top ratedlinks, etc • Redirect link's title to URL • Review links, Add ToFavorite, Tell-A-Friend, Ratings features • And other features.

FAQ Support 4.1
Description: Your customers will appreciate instantly finding theanswers to common questions or solving problems. • Create and managequestions, answers and categories • Options to select FAQs displaystyle • Assign a FAQ into multiple categories • Redirect answer to URL• Open link in new or same window • Integrate with Comdev CustomerHelpdesk • Enable users to submit questions • Search knowledgebaseusing keywords or 'Jump to Category' • And other features.

Customer Helpdesk 4.1
Description: Customer Helpdesk is another revolutionary product fromComdev which provides support for your customers. • Create and managehelpdesk support issues • Display tickets according to the priority •Reply tickets using canned messages • Integrate with Comdev FAQ Support• Upload file attachments • Support tickets will be forwarded toknowledgebase • And other features.

Misc Tools 4.1
Description: Consists of Site Search, Tell A Friend, Password Page,Mini Poll, Site Counter, and Site Map. • Search the pages you wanteasily • Scan meta tag and page content to get title, keywords anddescription • Able to filter Stop Word • Encrypted login password toaccess to pages • Select tell-a-friend templates • Create mini poll •Prevent multiple vote per person • Display number of hits • Createmulti-level site map • And other features.

Forum 4.1
Description: An arena for communication, for problem-solving and theexchange of knowledge. • Allow non-member to 'Reply With Quote' •Members login • Post and reply forums • Manageable forum, category,moderator, user groups • Search forum's topic by keywords or 'Jump toCategory • Upload avatar with auto resizing option • Approve newlyposted / replied topics • And other features.

Web Blogger 4.1
Description: It is a perfect communication tool for personal orbusinesses where you can post thoughts, interact with people, and more.• Customisable blogs content using HTML editor • Create and manage blogcategories • Post blogs and comments • Access to blogs archive • RSSnews feeds • Private access to personal blogs • And other features.

CSV Importer 4.1
Description: Offers you the shortcut to maintain your MySQL database. •Import CSV file • Step-by-step walkthrough wizard • Connect to remotedatabase • Match source and target columns • Append records • Export toCSV file • Undo import process • And other features.

News Publisher 4.1
Description: News Publisher is an advance article publishing system fornon-technical users to update and manage articles, press releases, newsstories, headlines, and editorials. • Create news and announcementusing HTML editor • Redirect links to URL • Subscribe to RSS •Configurable RSS titles, descriptions, etc • Search engine friendly URL• Search news by keywords or published date • Support multi-level newscategories • And other features.

Vote Caster 4.1
Description: Web voting is widely employed by numerous organizations,even multimedia conglomerates. • Run multiple vote campaigns • Createanswers in rich text format • Display questions at random • Preventmultiple vote per person • Answer type: Checkbox, radio button or dropdown list • Deactivate campaign when it reaches max voter number • Viewgraphical results • And other features.

Guestbook 4.1
Description: Listen to what others think of your business or service orgain necessary feedback to attain a competitive edge in the market. •View, edit or remove messages posted by users • Option to approvepending post • Customisable guestbook form fields • Submit messages,opinion, or feedback • Image verification • Upload background musicmidi file • Notify admin when a user submit messages • And otherfeatures.
Contact Form 4.1
Description: Serve as a customer satisfaction form to obtain feedbackand also allowing them to send enquiries which related to your productsand services. • Customisable form fields • Email admin upon formsubmission • Display 'Thank You' message when users submit forms •Personalise notification emails • Image verification • View, edit orremove posted messages • And other features.

Geo Traffic 4.1
Description: Geo Traffic is your web statistics analyzer and it is morethan just a hit counter. It is suitable for non-technical savy userssuch as business owners to view their website traffic and performance.• Integrate to your web design page • Track traffic by countries, pageviews, etc • Auto generate graphical report • Time zone settings •Pre-define front-end CSS • And other features.

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