Thursday, March 5, 2009

Revolution Crunch - Blogger Template


Ready to get your hands on the coolest premium Blogger template in the blogosphere? Introducing the Revolution Church premium template for Blogger!

After getting dozens of emails from people offering us money to convert this amazing theme into Blogger, we decided it was time to make it available to purchase for everyone. Well, not only has eBlog Templates ported this over to Blogger, we’ve added some great features to really turbo-charge and make this the best premium Blogger template yet!

This is the first and only premium Blogger template that is virtually plug and play. No images to host or have to worry about the links breaking after a few months. No mucking with the template code to change colors, add tabs, modify AdSense code, etc. We’ve designed this template with the ease of usability in mind so Bloggers of all levels can utilize the full power of this premium template. Not only do you get this amazing template but you also get the full installation video series which walks you through configuring every gadget step-by-step.

This Blogger template comes with a ton of advanced features including:

* Hosted images on Photobucket. Free use forever!
* Favicon support so you can add your own url icon
* Compressed CSS to speed up your page load times
* SEO-friendly page titles to help you rank higher in Google
* Multiple AdSense gadgets already included in prime locations
* Automatically highlight author comments
* Embedded JavaScript date code showing current day
* Fonts and colors support so you can change on the fly
* YouTube video gadget to show off your favorite video
* Link list gadget to easily setup your header tabs
* Recent comments and posts gadgets
* Integrated Blogger reactions support (new!)
* Built-in Feedburner RSS feed and email gadget
* FeedJit live traffic feed gadget
* Bonus - FREE 125 x 125 ad gadget!
* Bonus - FREE Step-by-step installation video series

Download Link:

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