Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mynxx April 2009 Joomla Template "FULL"

Mynxx is the first ever RocketTheme template to incorporate the popular Joomla ecommerce / shopping
component, Virtuemart. This integration is applied in a variety of platforms, such as modules, a custom
virtuemart theme and template coding.
The custom Virtuemart theme allows us to override the core output, which results in a more seamless
integrated with the Virtuemart shopping component.

This release is filled with many javascript effects to give life to your site. Incorporated not just in modules, but
in the Mynxx template itself and also the Mynxx Virtuemart theme. Notable examples are the Virtuemart
Product Scroller seen above which scrolls through your items, either manually or automatically; and the
dropdown boxes for Cart, Login and Font Style in the top tool bar (as part of the template); and also the
quantity wheel in the Virtuemart theme's input boxes. A plethora of extra subtle, intuitive and interactive
features to extend your site.


Download: CLICK HERE

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