Friday, April 3, 2009

YT Tweety (Apr '09)

Yay, it's getting spring! The birds are back tweeting the nights away and people are getting in shape for the summer. And because nothing tastes better than thin we also sent our April template to a slimming cure: Tweety steps into the shoes of our popular MEE template. We created it in MEE's slim style, but of course Tweety comes with all the sophistication of our 2009 templates. With Tweety you get more than 10 beautifully designed background images, a smoothly animated tabbed menu and 16 (!) module variations. A true novelty is the origami-style module that looks like it's wrapped around the website.

Also, this template is optimized for all Twitter enthusiasts! In combination with our brandnew YOOtweet module it's the neatest way to show everyone what you're up to directly on your website.

We also updated our famous YOOsearch module. It now comes with a blank styling which shows your search results in a plain and simple way that nicely integrates in websites that have no rounded corners.

Oh, and by the way: If you haven't noticed yet, you should take a look at the ZOO, our new versatile catalog component that comes with a content construction kit!

Feature list

* 12 awesome background and 16 module variations
* Tableless overrides for all Joomla components
* Smart CSS to customize Joomla components
* Enhanced module system with flexible proportions
* Fully sliced Fireworks .png Source files
* Works with all YOOtools


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