Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Umbraco CMS

If you are a Microsoft aficionado, you will be quite aware that open source projects on the .NET platform are few and far between. The same is true with CMS systems, with (to my knowledge) only DotNetNuke, and Umbraco contending for the position of best ASP.NET open source content management solution. It’s a further bonus to discover that not only is umbraco open source, but its also an awesome, well built piece of software. As with most CMS systems being developed now, Umbraco is too committed to webstandards, and indeed has focused on provding at platform to achieve perfect CSS and XHTML zen. It utilises XSLT to style content, so a knowledge of this would be an advantage - although its not a necessity. We were up and running within about 10 minutes - the .NET installer script setting up the database etc, all we had to do was set some bits and pieces in IIS. If you are a .NET developer - go grab a copy, as the user community has also achieved notarity- winning awards - you know that you’ll be backed up with exceptional support.


Technology : ASP.NET (C#)
Setup time: 10 minutes+
Supported OS: Windows


* Super simple template engine
* Full support for Ajax frameworks like or ASP.NET Ajax
* Scheduled publishing
* Support for any .NET Language including C# and VB.NET


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