Saturday, November 20, 2010

Download Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Track Destroyers for FREE

It’s always a good day when a new Ryan Adams track appears. “Destroyers” doesn’t seem to be included on his upcoming Cardinals III/IV album (read about it here), but I can only guess that it’s still a part of the same sessions.
There’s also a bunch of music clips available on the PAX•AM website for your enjoyment. These clips are described as, “some tracks recorded on the set-up day of the III/IV / Easy Tiger sessions. The band is caught here going though some riffs and just outright jamming with some room mic’s on.” Pretty cool.
Oh yeah, and if you were thinking, “Man, I’d love to pre-order the album on CD!” well, forget it. According to the website, it’s already sold out.
If you’ve got a turntable, though, you can still pre-order the vinyl version here… and I’m sure the digital version won’t ever be sold out. If THAT happens, then I’ll be more amazed than the time my friend, Brad, made a face and it actually stayed that way. He ended up being a huge movie star that married Angelina Jolie.

Yeah, you don’t want to see what Brad’s face looked like before he made the face.
Take a listen to “Destroyers” and download it for free by clicking here.

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