Friday, January 7, 2011

Digg Clone Script The Ultimate 5 Social Bookmarking Scripts

Along with Digg popularity so many webmasters have been creating Digg similar site. Part of them are coding and programming their own web application and most of them are simply installing pre-coded social bookmarking scripts. So if you want to build and develop a Digg-like social bookmarking web app, here it is an ultimate list of top 5 Digg clone scripts you can use freely.

PHPdug Simple Digg Clone Script

If you look for a simple, yet, ready-to-use Digg clone scripts which is always updated and improved by developer, PHPDug is the best choice. PHPDug is a fast 100% free Digg clone scripts.

PHPDug Download, Demo, and more info here

Hotaru CMS

HotaruCMS is another content management script serves news submitting and acts just like Digg. Hotaru CMS is a Digg clone script supported with themes and plugin. In short, Hotaru CMS is also known to be Pliggs fork. However it is worth to be downloaded and installed in your hosting.

Hotaru CMS Download, Demo, and more info here.

Dugg Plaza

If you are familiar already in using Joomla CMS, then Dugg Plaza is the one to help you create and build Digg-like site, a Digg clone site. But remember you have to pay a small amount of money for membership.

Dugg Plaza Download, Demo, and more info here.

Pligg, a famous Digg clone script

Pligg is a very famous and easy-to-use Digg clone script which is supported well by developer. Some said that Pligg is the best free Digg clone script except for its spam auto-submission problem. Anyway, Pligg is the best option if you are a starter in the social bookmarking business.

Pligg Download, Demo, and more info here.


Drigg is a Digg clone script similar to Pligg but better in dealing with spammers since Drigg has no auto-submission script in the system. The core Drigg script is free but it has no other free themes but the preloaded official theme, hence you have to design your own Drigg template or buy the premium theme.

Drigg Download, Demo, and more info here.

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