Monday, February 21, 2011

Set Up Vibration Pattern on Your iPhone with Vibrafications

Jailbreak App Store provides you a jailbreak application to set custom vibration patterns to different alerts for your iPhone. The application may be useful for you who is always busy, so you have to put your iPhone on your pocket. The jailbreak application is Vibrafications.

is a tweak that allows you to set custom vibration patterns to different alerts. By the application, you can know exactly what your iPhone is trying to tell you in your pocket without even looking, because, with the application you can set the different vibration patterns for individual contacts, SMS messages, email and push notifications.

If you fell need Vibrafications, you can get it Vibrafications full version on Cydia Store for $3.99. Or if you just want to try out of the application you can get the free version on Cydia Store, free version isn’t full version.

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