Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iOS 4.3 to Launch on March 11

Apple launched iPad 2,and also introduced iOS 4.3 which launch on March 11.iOS 4.3 is worlds most advanced operating systems knows.iPad 2 also available from March 11 and it runs iOS 4.3.

iOS 4.3 includes faster Safari,Nitro JavaScript engine,enhancements to AirPlay,choice of using the iPad 2,lock the screen rotation or mute the audio,Personal Hotspot feature for sharing an iPhone & 4 cellular data connection over Wi-Fi.

New Features included in iOS 4.3 :
  • Faster Safari
  • Nitro JavaScript engine
  • Enhancements to AirPlay
  • iTunes
  • Personal Hotspot feature

The iOS 4.3 is launching on March 11 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users as a free software update,is also capable with Pad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4.

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