Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Google NewsShow Embeds News Slide Show on Your Website

Want to embed a Google NewsShow on your website and let your users see headlines and previews of Google news while browsing your blog? You can now add the NewsShow to your website easily by generating java script code with NewsShow Wizard and paste it into your website.


To embed Google news slide show to your website, just follow below steps:

1. Go to NewsShow Wizard to configure NewsShows requirements. You can select the news headlines style, what kind of topic you would like to show like business, election, politics, sport and etc, how many search results you want to display and so on.

2. Once the requirements have been defined, you can preview the NewsShow immediately as shown at bottom.

3. Further down to the NewsShow preview, there is a generated code that you can copy and paste it to your website.

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Last Minute News on February 8, 2011 at 3:36 AM said...

I just launched the last minute news website ( powered by Google News. Registered users can rearrange, deactivate/activate news, choose news edition (e.g. German, Canadian, US, etc.), choose language, etc.

There is a very simple chat in the right column where visitors may talk about the last minute news they see on the website.

The news are displayed in individual boxes and each box can be configured to show a custom topic. There are two views available. Grid (default) and list. Members can set their own default view. Registration is free :)

Hope you'll find this useful.

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