Sunday, May 10, 2009

JM Purity (Magento Theme)

The very first template of JoomlArt Magento Templates Club will be called JM Purity, as winning template JA Purity. The JM Purity will lead as the core theme framework for all upcoming JoomlArt Magentos. If you have already played around with JoomlArt templates so far, you can find our Joomla template framework as a good reference in terms of customization, scalability and validation.

As you can see on the demo, the the template is simple but very clean & professional theme where users can do a lot of color customization with a few simple steps. We adapt our standard usertool on top of JM Purity that enable your buyers to control font size and color themes (default, red and blue) for the best view.

Getting familiar with e-commerce solutions on Joomla platform (i.e. JA Zeolite, JA Mesolite, JA Larix etc.,), we are now quite confident to create real e-commerce themes for Magento platform at the highest quality. We target at applying no hack to the Magento core files, thus you can rest assure on the upgradability, security and speed when using JoomlArt Magento themes.



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Anonymous said...

The newest Magento version I downloaded doesn't change into this theme on frontend even if I installed it the way it should, does this have anything to do with compatibility to the version I downloaded last week?

magento ecommerce web developer on January 11, 2011 at 12:47 PM said...

Really nice theme. I would like to install it on my magento as demo looks pretty cool.

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