Sunday, July 12, 2009

CMS Drupal

Unlike Mambo, it is easy to hack the templates, layout, menus and navigation of a Drupal site, which make it the perfect system for developers and designers alike. It’s architecture is somewhat difficult to get to grips with, and this is made no easier with its own jargon throughout the documentation - but when you bite through its tough exterior, Drupal is an extremely juicy fruit in the middle - and its juice definitely worth the squeeze. The search engine optimisation support is second to none, with super friendly URL’s - which is what you would expect from a system of this size. Primarily Drupal’s strength lies in its user contributed modules allowing you to extend functionality by easily installing the functionality required. At time of writing there were over 3500 user contributed modules on the site.


Technology : PHP
Setup time: 45 minutes+
Supported OS: *Nix and Windows


* Friendly URLs
* Modules & Support
* Personalisation


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