Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Download Hot Sex of Vidio Luna and Ariel

News about the circulation video bokep luna maya or Luna Maya Seks Video of pornographic video which being linked to her name make the commercials, soap operas, and film star Luna Maya once be hunted by the journalists again.

A number of journalists both print, online and television have started to flood the location shooting "Dahsyat" in the studio 6 RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Friday (6/4/2010), to ask for her comments about the video.

Meanwhile she become a host of "Dahsyat" music events, Luna had met the crew of when she want to go to toilet room. Sadly, Luna was not willing to encounter.

She even ignored greeting when they wanted to be asked about her responses of the circulation of the hot video responses who associated with her, also her lover, Ariel.

After a few moments out of the toilet, it looks like Luna's eyes had been crying. Her eyes were red and teary. Again, no words coming out of the mouth of Luna. She immediately rushed back to the studio.

Source (Free Download Hot Sex of Vidio Luna and Ariel)

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