Monday, June 14, 2010

Justin Bieber Syphilis Rumors

Justin Bieber Syphilis Rumors – It seems to me that the internet is overflowing with hoax to make the people search on the internet for false report. The last time the internet had Justin Bieber Dead, Justin Bieber Kissing Pictures, I thought they would claim someone else’s death within these few days. But no, they didn’t.

After Justin Bieber’s and the Twilight couple death hoax, now buzzing is Justin Bieber syphilis gossip. Some people even demanded that they have seen the pictures of Justin Bieber’s syphilis on CNN, but hell no, Justin Bieber is not dead and is far-off from getting that sexual transmitted disease.

Although this is the sixth time for Justin Bieber to be falsely rumored, he has never been suspected of having syphilis or any other STD. The first five gossips reported his death, which also turned out to be hoax!

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